Our Mission

We offer the most exquisite designs with top notch quality products to ensure you have the most bad-ass vehicle on the streets. Through the consultation with SD Wrap, the result will be flawless and executed with taste. When it comes to creating your build, the limit will be your own imagination. There is nothing we can't do and nothing we won't do.


All vehicles that we sell will go through a series of inspections to ensure the quality, condition and most important safety. We will NEVER sell vehicles that have been in accidents or has suffered substantial damage. As much as we want to be billionaires we will never do anything to jeopardize the safety of anyone and we strive for the smiles that we put on people's faces than money in our pockets.


The pre-built selection of vehicles we offer are all cherry picked from the sea of cars available. Our philosophy of selling used vehicles is based on the rational decision to not suffer the enormous depreciation hit when purchasing a new car. With only a fraction of the MSRP, you can purchase a vehicle with the most desirable options and trust us we know what you guys would want and more. The spectrum of options that are available on cars nowadays is extremely complex, confusing and frustrating which is why we have done the hard work for you.